Many people use lysine to stop cold sores. You can either use it topically or orally.

How does lysine treat herpes outbreaks? Herpes simplex virus needs arginine, another protein to multiply. Lysine upsets the absorption of arginine in the digestive system. It prevents the replication of the virus. Thus, it should reduce the inflammation and healing time of a cold sore.

How much lysine should you take?

If you detect the first sign of fever blister, take 3000 mg of lysine every day. Once the symptoms taper off, cut it down to 500 mg a day. For maintenance or prevention, it is recommended to take 1000 mg a day.

For topical application, you should apply the lysine cream twice a day.

There are some contradictions in several studies about the effectiveness of this amino acid in treating cold sores. Some report that it is not an effective remedy while other observations indicate otherwise.

The problem with most studies is that the sample size is too small to provide sufficient evidence that lysine can reduce the severity and healing time of oral herpes.

You need to know that long term use of lysine has been found to increase cholesterol levels and cause kidney problems while high dosages can lead to diarrhea and stomach pain.

Based on one study, the participants who took lysine supplements for two years experienced recurrent herpes outbreaks a few weeks later after they stopped taking the supplements.

Is lysine safe for pregnant and nursing mothers? You need to consult your doctor about it first. The safety use of this amino supplement has not been established among expectant or breastfeeding women.

Although taking maintenance dosage may prevent cold sores or upping your dosage to deal with the existing ones may sound ideal but with potential side effects, you may want to consider something else.

Getting rid of fever blisters quickly is one thing. Safety is something you should not ignore when it comes to your health.

Mind you that there are other safe cold sore remedies that work as well.

If you feel confident about taking lysine supplements, don’t use them on the long-term basis. Take them when you know the outbreak is coming.

But if you want a remedy that is free of side effects, look at Dynamiclear. It is applied topically on cold sores. It works as soon as the solution comes in contact with the fever blisters. It can speed up healing because it wipes out the herpes simplex virus, reducing its population. It allows your immune system to fight back and recover quickly. There is no need of repeat application. Just apply once and see the sores heal within a day.

Is tea tree oil effective as a natural cold sore remedy? Does it speed up the healing process?

Tea tree oil is extracted from the leaves of the tree found growing in the southeast Australian coast.

Tea tree oil can cut down the duration of first stage of a cold sore from three days to less than a day. This is a good news if you want to get rid of it quickly.

You must apply tea tree oil at the prodromal stage. The moment you feel the tingling sensation, use the essential oil on your fever blisters. Make sure you continue to do it four times a day. It may sting, but that is the price you pay for if you want these pesky sores to disappear rapidly.

Does tea tree oil work? The current study indicates that using 6% tea tree oil five times daily has no effect on oral herpes. The compounds found in tea tree oil only kill bacteria and fungus but not the virus.

However, many sufferers claim that tea tree oil works for them. Most of them use it together with other natural remedies such as coconut oil, lysine supplements, propolis, and aloe vera.

The consolation from using tea tree oil is that it dries out the blisters quickly, hastening your healing process of cold sores.

If your skin reacts adversely to the essential oil, add an equal part of water to dilute it first. Avoid using it around mouth area because it can be toxic if you accidentally consume it.

It can be a hassle to repeat the application of the tea tree oil every few hours. And there is no guarantee that it will work as it does not kill the herpes virus. For fast healing, you should use topical antiviral solutions. Dynamiclear is an easy-to-use treatment for cold sores. You can use it at home with your privacy assured. Just one application is enough to eradicate the herpes simplex virus and reduce the healing time by half. Furthermore, it contains only natural ingredients with potent antiviral properties. Best of all, it is not toxic. You use it safely on your lips.

Even though you have no idea why you have cold sores in the first place but I bet you want to get rid of them as fast as you can. You can find various remedies on the market, but not all of them work. Without treatment, it can take up to 10 days for the blisters to heal.

However, if you don’t treatment them, you cannot live your life as normal. Here are some effective ways to treat oral herpes quickly.

Cortisone injections

If you want a cold sore remedy that works very fast because you have an important function to attend, then ask your doctor about cortisone injections. Once injected, the inflammation will diminish quickly.


One of the quick remedies for fever blister is ice. It stops the herpes virus from replicating due to its cold temperature. This solution is easy to use. Place a few ice cubes in a cloth and put it on the inflamed area for 20 minutes. It can reduce the inflammation and swelling of the fever blisters in no time. You should notice the pain begins to subside.

Lemon Balm

Another fast cold sore treatment for the lips is a lemon balm. It contains antiviral properties that can kill the herpes simplex virus. Once you have applied it, you should feel the relief within 24 hours.

Peppermint Oil

Just like lemon balm, peppermint oil is a natural antiviral remedy. It can make the oral herpes symptoms go away overnight. Soak a cotton ball with peppermint oil and dab it on the fever blisters. Do it three times a day.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is one of the most widely used home remedies for fever blisters. It can heal many skin disorders. Get a cotton ball and wet it with tea tree oil. Apply it on the sores twice a day.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is an effective herbal remedy for healing wounds including herpes. Apply aloe vera gel on the blisters every few hours. The blisters will shrink fast.


Garlic is a fantastic item that can be easily found in most kitchens. Its antiviral properties can reduce the pain and inflammation of fever blisters rapidly. Grab a few cloves of garlic and slice them. Place them on the sores.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is used to treat wounds. You can use to dry up cold sores, speeding the healing process. Apply hydrogen peroxide on the treated area several times a day. You should see the blisters gradually become smaller.


Some people use Visine, a type of eye drop for their fever blisters. It can reduce the redness. Apply Visine on the blisters every few hours for fast results.


Lysine is a supplement that herpes victims use to control the virus. Taking lysine not only boosts your abilities to fight the virus but accelerates the healing as well.


If you want an over-the-counter treatment for cold sores that work almost instantly, try Dynamiclear. Within 24 hours, your blisters should turn into scabs. You only need one application.

Do you suffer from cold sores consistently? Even you have exhausted all the options that your friends or family recommend, is there any hope to experience quick healing?

One natural remedy that works effectively on herpes simplex virus is apple cider vinegar (ACV). It can dry up the fever blisters fast. It creates an inhospitable environment for the virus to survive because of its acidic properties. It also prevents secondary bacterial infection, thanks to its antiseptic potency.

Here is a simple way to use apple cider vinegar  to treat oral herpes. I suggest you use organic ones like Bragg.

When you experience the first sign or symptom of a herpes outbreak, saturate a cotton swab with ACV. And apply it to the sores. Repeat the process for at least two days. You can also leave it overnight by using a band-aid to fasten the cotton ball.

Typically, a fever blister will become a scab within a week. With ACV, it can reduce the healing period to three days. You should be entirely free from herpes in less than a week.

The best thing about using apple cider vinegar is that you don’t have to put up with nasty side effects that are common with prescription drugs such as acyclovir.

The only problem is that you have to catch it early enough. Otherwise, it will not be an effective treatment.

If the cold sores already burst, you will feel the sting when you apply apple cider vinegar to them.

If you miss the window of opportunity to stop the outbreak, you can still use a potent antiviral topical solution like Dynamiclear. It works very fast. As soon as you apply it, you should see scabbing within the next 24 hours. The application is not messy, and it is easy to use. It comes with an applicator, and you only apply it once. That’s all you need to see the full recovery from cold sores.


Diet plans come and diets get, but swelling lasts forever and at the end of the day there are several meals that can cause infection in spite of how trendy they've been. The great news is that any diet or life style modification may be shifted to ensure that it's less inflammatory and also anti-inflammatory. For example the paleo diet, which I love, can be carried out in a way that's very inflammatory, or it can be done in a way that is extremely anti inflammatory so the vital thing is to keep yourself well-informed about swelling and about approaches to personalize your diet to your body. Additionally, in the never-ending quest to become more of a nutritarian (meaning to obtain more nutrient thick foods in my diet) this list is truly helpful.

The bottom line is genuine food, real vegetables, and minimizing the chemical compounds is obviously going to be the most useful route to maintaining your inflammation levels down. Once you understand the foods that cause inflammation will allow you to to make better choices at the grocery store.

Numerous baked items and treats have corn or other oils high in omega-6 fatty acids. While these treats may satisfy your preferences, they could trigger infection. Some studies have looked at the pain-relieving effects of omega-3s on people with arthritis rheumatoid, while having found that fish oil, which contains omega-3s, can help with pain relief in certain people.

Cooked products, candy, prepared food, soda pops each one of these also provide a high AGE factor. Our whenever broken down in the body will cause joint disease pain. Therefore they're foods causing irritation and may be prevented to aid ease your joint disease pain. Having a limited number of these food types is the key, to enable you to enjoy your food and at the same time, perhaps not be concerned about the inflamed joint.

Dairy food may donate to joint disease pain considering the type of protein they have. According to the doctors Committee for Responsible Medicine , for some people this protein may irritate the muscle around the bones. Some affected individuals of arthritis discomfort have success switching to a vegan diet—which contains no animal products whatsoever.

Avoid MSG. There are hardly any redeeming characteristics concerning monosodium glutamate. In fact, some would state there is nothing good about consuming MSG. The manufactured salt is tied to weight gain, brain cancer and irritation. MSG is usually utilized as a preservative or flavor enhancer in restaurants, so be sure to ask your server exactly how your dinner is ready when you go away to consume and choose for the MSG-free variation.

AGE exists in the majority of the food being heated, grilled, fried or pasteurized. When they're introduced into the body, the body tries to break them with cytokins that are inflammatory messengers, for that reason causing irritation where they occur. Thus they're meals causing swelling in joints and needs to be avoided. Your skill: Cut down on the quantity of fried and processed food items you eat, and include more fruits & vegetables in your diet.

Limit your sugar. A lot of sugar can cause swelling. Your body breaks down sugar quickly, too. The suggested daily value for sugar hovers near 50 grams. The normal United states consumes more than seven times that recommendation. Some sugar is good for your body; just limit it to the recommended daily value to diminish your likelihood of an inflammation flare up.

Many trans fats we eat are manufactured from processing veggie oils and they are very harmful to us. Trans fats promote infection, lower good cholesterol, raise bad cholesterol levels, promote obesity and resistance to insulin increasing the risk of diabetic issues. I speak with my elders as well as utilize the argument which they spent my youth on eating meat and it wasn't a problem for them. They have a valid argument if we considered the meat they spent my youth on the just like the meat that's processed today.


A diabetes meal program is helpful information that lets you know how much and what types of food you’ll choose to consume at dishes and treat times. A great meal plan should participate in your routine and diet.

As you can see from overhead, a simple diabetic meal plan revolves around a way to obtain fat and necessary protein (meat, chicken, fish and shellfish) and non starchy vegetables clothed with fats including butter and reduced carbohydrate sauces. Desserts are often lower carbohydrate fresh fruits. Yourself, i love to make low carbohydrate shakes with almond milk and lotion, because I am able to change up the flavors to accommodate my tastes on any given time.

According to the 50 approximately researches from the effects of ketogenic diet plans on diabetic and non diabetic health, this proportion of fat and protein to carbohydrate consumption would keep carefully the blood sugar amounts really under 130 mg/dl. & Most significantly, ketogenic dishes taste better and do a more satisfactory job of satisfying hunger. These aspects which will assist the patient stick to the diet, and consistently control blood sugar and insulin to healthier levels.

Consider this plan as only a temporary guide. Remember every person with diabetes needs a customized meal program that provides even more freedom regarding food choices. Almost any food, together with your preferences, may be fit into your meal plan. Many efficient meal programs include monitoring everything consume. Two of the most extremely popular approaches tend to be counting calories for regulating fat and counting carbohydrates for blood sugar levels control. Your diabetic issues doctor will suggest a approach to your requirements. A wholesome diet is a means of consuming that that lowers threat for complications such as for instance cardiovascular illnesses and swing.

This may sound like countless work, but your physician and/or nutritionist makes it possible to produce a meal program that’s most effective for you. Whenever you make healthier food choices, you’ll increase overall health and you can also avoid complications particularly heart problems many types of cancer. There are many approaches to help you follow your diabetes meal plan. Some means are Creating your dish or Carbohydrate Counting both of these meal planning techniques are very different but hopefully one is best for your needs.

There is no one perfect food therefore including a number of different meals and viewing portion sizes is vital to a healthy diet. In addition, make sure your alternatives from each food team offer the highest quality nutritional elements you will find. To put it differently, choose foods full of vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber over the ones that are processed.

Hair loss is a devastating experience for men because it destroys their confidence. Could there be a long term solution? The new finding using stem cells looks promising .

The current hair replacement procedure involves taking hair follicles from one part of the head or body and transplant them onto a bald. This method relies on the availability of existing healthy dermal papilla cells. But there is a limit to how many cells they can gather. During the culture, the process of multiplying them diminish their ability to grow follicles.

In a recent experiment, the researchers at Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute, California used human pluripotent stem cells to create new cells that could encourage hair growth. This method has been successfully tested on hairless mice. It takes away the limitations in hair transplant as it provides endless sources of dermal papilla cells.

Check Out the complete story at

A couple years ago, I gave birth to my 3rd child. Looking in the mirror, I noticed melasma on my upper lip which made me looked like I had a mustache. It was embarrassing. I also had some brown patches on my forehead.

As my skin was sensitive, all these dark spots made my skin blotchy. I felt that my face was ruined.

I tried many dark spots correctors from famous brands like Murad, Clarins, and Clinique. However, I was very disappointed with the results.

At one time, I had considered hydroquinone cream to treat melasma. However, I was hesitant to use it because of the risk of cancer and ochronosis, a permanent skin discoloration.

Best Natural Skin Lightening Cream

I thought that a good natural skin lightening cream would be better. However, could it get rid of my dark spots? I could not simply use any skin care product because of my sensitive skin. I was afraid my skin could react badly if I put some unknown ingredients on my skin. I wouldn’t want my skin to feel dry or burn.

If I were to use natural bleaching products for my melasma, I would want them to free of side effects. Maybe using plant-based lightening agents would not cause skin irritation. After much research, I learned that kojic acid, arbutin, and licorice extract had the potency to control the melanin production naturally. By reducing melanin in the skin, my brown spots should become lighter.

My melasma was not completely gone but I was happy with the fading effects so far. When people that I knew saw me, they made comments about my glowing look.With regular use, I should see less of these dark patches on my face.

When it comes to melasma fading, always check the labels. It pays to know the ingredients. Many dark spot correcting products use potential irritants. If you want something safe, you should look for the best natural skin lightening cream. Make sure it it is made in United States. Unlike other unfamiliar brands or imported hyperpigmentation treatment creams, at least it doesn’t contain mercury, a widely used bleaching agents besides hydroquinone. I always value good skin care products that are friendly to my skin and deliver positive results.

Another thing when treating hyperpigmentation, wearing sunscreen is mandatory. If you want best results from skin whitening creams, you must protect your skin from the sun. You should use sunscreen even when it is cloudy.

Cow's Milk And Vitamin D

Do you persuade your children to drink dairy milk? For some reasons, your children drink milk substitutes like rice milk. You may believe they are healthier options. Probably your kids react to cow’s milk or experience lactose intolerance. I just came across a blog post on the New York Times which discussed how children who didn’t drink cow’s milk had the tendency of having reduced levels of vitamin D.

Based on a study found at the Canadian Medical Association Journal, 2,381 children under 6 were checked for the vitamin D levels. Most of the variables that could affect vitamin D levels such as sun exposure, vitamin D supplements, age, and sex were taken into consideration. Approximately 10 percent of them drank cow’s milk. The vitamin D levels in children who drank non-dairy milks were found to be less than 20 nanograms per milliliter. This means they fall short of the overall requirement of vitamin D for a normal child.

Even the children consume cow’s milk and other milk, they still face lower level of vitamin D. For one cup of non-dairy milk, the child may experience a 5% drop of vitamin D level.

Read the complete study here.

Most doctors believe that drinking cow’s milk will guarantee your children the vitamin D they need. However, you have your doubts. Lactose intolerance is probably the issue stopping your children from drinking cow’s milk.

Weight gain is not something you plan to have. In some cases, you just cannot avoid it.

One current study by the Unit for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism at Uppsala Science Park in Sweden reveals that the extra calories from unsaturated fats may defer the incidence of heart problems due to weight gain. If that is true, then you do not have to limit your diet.

When you put on additional pounds especially if you are lean, the risk of heart issues decreases. This only occurs if your diet plan is composed of mostly unsaturated fat foods.

belly fatIf you are young and lean, gaining 3 pounds can raise the markers of heart condition risk factors such as insulin resistance and signs of weakened vascular performance. In the short run, you are not going to have major health issues. Nevertheless, putting on weight gradually can be harmful when most of the fats are accumulated in the belly.

Surprisingly, cholesterol levels improved with unsaturated fats despite the fact that the subjects had gained weight and increased their calorie intake.

During the study, two groups of young healthy participants were given 2 types of muffins for seven weeks. One group received polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) muffins while the other group ate saturated fat muffins. All else remained the same even their fitness and eating routines.

When the study ended, all the subjects gained weight an average of 3.5 pounds per person. Their blood pressure levels showed little changes.

Compared to the group with saturated fats, the cholesterol and lipid levels for the group with polyunsaturated fat muffins were lower. The cholesterol levels shot up for the saturated fat group.

Both groups manifested increased insulin resistance, suggesting the warning signs of the initial phase of diabetes.

Fat are typically stored in the abdomen and liver. But the liver and abdomen are less likely to store fats when your high calorie diet consists of primarily unsaturated fats.

The responses of liver to unsaturated and saturated fats are not the same. The liver picks up cholesterol from the blood under the influence of unsaturated fats.

You may consume huge quantities of calories, which certainly make you fat. No doubt, weight gain can be prevented. Yet, the study highlights the value of unsaturated fats in your diet which calorie intake is of little importance.

Instead of eating dairy items or fatty meats which are rich with saturated fats, choose nuts and vegetable oils such as sunflower oil, rapeseed oil and canola oil that are good sources of polyunsaturated fats.